Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay this is so cute!!!! I became a fan of Inspired Mommie Designs after I saw the birthday party invitation that she made from this kit... now I got to play with it and make invitations for my WeeMonkeyGirl! This invitation is just a mock up, but this was awesome to play with!!! Grab it over at Pretty Scrappy...
The Kit name is: Emma's Birthday and the Designer is: Inspired Mommie Designs- check her out, she gives away lots of very cute word art freebies on her blog!

And while you're at it, go leave me some love at DSA if you like the LO!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whisper Softly and Love in Bloom

Two gorgeous kits over at Pretty Scrappy right now... Love in Bloom by GET Designs and Whisper Softly by Tricia Curtis Designs. Grab them here: Pretty Scrappy

Love In Bloom

Whisper Softly

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New GIMP Tutorial site

I'm working up a new GIMP tutorial blog over at: Geek Chic Scraptorium and Wonderland
I posted my first tutorial today and hope to add more! This blog just didn't have enough room for all the CT work and all the tutorials. Plus WordPress lets me add larger images.
I built the other site on my computer (which has an insanely huge monitor) so hopefully the graphics show up alright.
Let me know what you think!


Friday, June 26, 2009

New Releases and Playing Catch Up

Hello my scrappy buddies!! I've been away on vacation for a week (getting LOTS of pictures to scrap woohoo!) and thought I'd pop back in and let ya'll know I'm still here! I missed all kinds of exciting things this week apparently!

First of all Faith True has 3 (count 'em 3!) new kits that she's releasing this week!

The Moral of the Story with mle Card:
A cute kit with a storybook theme. This kit is perfect for nursery pictures or even depicting storytime with your children. Based on a popular set of children's stories that have been passed down for generations. Only $6.99 over at Scrap Orchard
Country Bumpkin collab with Ziggle Designs:
Only $6.00 over at Scrap Orchard
and SS Paradise: This kit has been remade from it's original version which first appeared in Bella Scraps Magazine July 2008. Only $5.99 over at Scrap Orchard
And they're 20% off over at ScrapOrchard! So scurry on over there and get on it!

Also Amy Sumrall released this AWESOME crayon brushes kit... I've gotten to play with it quite a bit and have a few pages that are almost done that I promise to show you as soon as they're perfect. For you scrappy beginners- what are brushes? You'll hear this term a lot... mostly they're really stamps that you can use in Photoshop... you can also use some as actual paintbrushes as well. Never fear GIMP users! You can use Photoshop brushes in GIMP very very easily. Just extract them into your brushes folder and you're ready to roll! Now you don't have an excuse NOT to get these. :)

This is a fun set of 18 crayon brushes, including shapes, scribbles, borders and frames. Use this to add just the right touch to your pages! Brushes are just so much fun to play with! Stamp them, drag them, adjust the size, color, rotation, etc! The possibilities are endless with these brushes!
A png pack is also included!

Only $2.99 over at The DigiChick


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outdoors Explorer and I'll be away....

Faith True is releasing a FANTASTIC kit tomorrow over at Scrap Orchard called Outdoors Explorer. This is SO cute for pics of the little boys in your life. Below is the Layout I did with it- and I have to admit- I'm totally addicted to scrapping my Best Friend's son Johnny- he's just so photogenic! And I'm lucky enough that Jenni lends him to me when I need a boy :) It gave me an excuse to use this kit so that's always a happy thing!!!

On another note I'm leaving tomorrow early and will be away until the following Friday! So see you all then, with lots and lots more pictures to scrap I'm sure!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Okay- I'll admit it- I liked this kit SO much I was just looking for a chance to use it! Well unfortunately right now my Sweet Kat is teething- and it's not pretty- and by not pretty I mean nightmarish and disturbing. I hate seeing her in pain! But on top of that when she's crying she's also hitting and pinching and kicking! So 2 nights ago Tim called Kat our Little Monster baby- and an idea was born. Yes I took a picture of my kid crying, but to be fair, I was trying to take a regular picture, she just cries a LOT anymore, so you inevitably get crying shots. Instead of deleting it, I decided to use it. So that's my silver lining I guess! Poor little baby!

Aaaaanyway- here's RAWR from Amy Sumrall the Great and Terrible :)
Okay not so terrible- she's actually all kinds of sweet... but very great :)
This kit is SO fun and colorful, and it's suited really really well to boys, but there are other uses as well from what you can see here. I'm really betting it'd be a great layout to use for a kit where your kid (or you) are all dressed up in costume as well :) Anyway- get it, love it... yadda yadda :)
Rawr. More silly than scary, this fun kit is the result of a collaboration with my 15 year old nephew, Kevin! He is quite the doodler, isn’t he? Kevin doodled all of the little monsters and fish and I had a blast turning them into his very first digi design! Rawr includes 12 “wicked awesome” and vibrant crayon colored papers and loads of doodled and unique elements: frames, mat, ribbons, bow, buttons, doodles, tags, word art and handmade felties and more. A brush set is also included and an upper/lower alpha combination. Perfect for teen pages, kids pages, parties or just every day fun!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Belly Pop

I know I'm not keeping up with freebie reviews as much as I used to, but the fact is- I'm so busy working with the fantastic kits my designers are handing me that I don't really have time! I will try to get some more on here, but in the meantime I had to share this because it's a-dor-able!

Kit: Bellypop Take 2;

Designer: Faith True;



Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Love of Mine

Oooohhh, this is SUCH a cute baby kit! If you're scrapping babies or little ones, you're gonna want this! So am I an evil Scrap Temptress? Dangling goodies in front of you and convincing you that you adore them? Must have them? Can't live without them? Yes! :) LOL

This kit is by Faith True, it's called Sweet Love of Mine and you can snag it over at Shabby Pickle:

Free with purchase add on included with this kit! Sweet love of mine is perfect for all babies. There are so many various elements and simple, but elegant papers that make scrapping with this kit easy. Included in this kit:
9 papers
1 acrylic cloud
1 acrylic moon
1 scatter acrylic stars
1 acrylic sun
7 buttons (epoxies)
1 carrot
1 comb
3 pea pods
1 duck
1 wave
1 scissors
2 cotton lace
2 twisty ribbons
2 acrylic flowers
3 ric rac
1 scalloped matte
1 scalloped frame
1 wooden frame
1 double market frame
3 threaded buttons
2 one-piece outfits
1 overalls
2 double bows
3 fabric flowers

Add on includes 8 bead alphas. Each alpha is on it's own sheet, letters are not individual.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Okay, I seriously luuuuurve Amy Sumrall's designs. It's seriously fun to scrap with them! It seems like every time I use one of her kits anymore it's a trip down memory lane. This kit is actually based on one of my favorite little rhymes as a WeeFangirl- Little Bunny Foo Foo... and I so luckily had a few pictures of my WeeKat dressed as a bunny and tada! Scrappy Magicalness and stuff :)

Seriously though, the tree elements are adorable and there are almost 2 color schemes going with this kit, but it's totally mix and matchable (as you can see from my LO's, they almost look like they came from 2 different kits) so this one's really versatile too. Besides I'm totally into red with white polka dots, and the whole alpha is set up like that *sighs happily* Okay enough gushing, here ya go- you know you want it :)

Little Bunny Foo Foo hoping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head! Luck for Little Bunny Foo Foo, he is so cute! What a little trouble maker! Will the Good Fairy turn him into a Goon? You decide with this precious kit! This sweet kit contains 29 elements, a full alpha and 12 papers.
You can grab this kit for just $4.99 over at The DigiChick:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

As if I weren't busy enough LOL

Well when great opportunities come up you have to snag them!!! I'm going to be Guest CT'ing for the month of June for Faith True (whose designs you've seen extensively on the blog because she's great!) with a possibility of a permanent spot :) And I'm also joining the group of CT's over at Pretty Scrappy! So that's 2 site CT's for me... something to keep me hopping!

Check out my new homes here:
Faith True:

Pretty Scrappy:

See ya'll in Digi land! :O)


Weekly CT Goodies

Here are a few pieces of my CT work for the week :) Enjoy!
Cutest Mudpie EVER!
Kit: Puddle Jumper
Designers: Collab with Faith True, Laura Burger, and Cherie Shields
special thanks to Jenni for letting me use her awesome pics of Oh so cute Johnny in this one!

Made using:Playground by Ms Mega Kit available at:
and Template #2 from Let the Sun Shine by Dark Phoenix Designs available at:
won LOTD June 1st at Scrappity Doo Dah

Oh how I love you!
Kit: Playground Mega Kit;
Fairy Dreams
Kit: Nutcracker Sweets with Baby it's You Word Art
Designer: Faith True
Beautiful You
Kit: Learn to Fly
Designer: Faith True

A Perfect Dream

Kit: Dreams Perfected

Designer: Faith True

Grab it here:


Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorite Freebie of the Day June 5th

Kit: Mother's Love
Designer: Megan Turnidge
Link: (limited time only, go download it ASAP!)



I really should be more observant! LOL I just found out I got LOTD (Layout of the Day) over at Scrappity Doo Dah on June 1st for my 'Beauty' LO... here's the link if you want to see!


SYTYCD Final Voting!!!!

Go go go go go vote!!!!!! If you're not registered, do it, then vote! I wish I could tell you who to vote for, but errrr... I'm not really at liberty to do so since I kinda work for 2 designers in the final round! Go check out the kits though and get your vote in there kids!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Favorite Freebie of the Day June 3rd

A freebie so good it's worth 2 days! :)
Kit: My favorite thing
Designer: The ever talented Amy Sumrall
What I loved- This kit is SUCH a walk down memory lane!! I had so much fun doing this layout and remembering what it was like to be 8 years old again with my Tiger Beat and doodling boy's names in bubble letters in my Trapper Keeper. This entire kit is inspired! The stickers are adorable, the drawings are original, and the alpha is so fun. The papers are fantastic.... I could rave on and on, but seriously, grab it and scrap your 80's pics (and send me links because I wanna see!!) And then go vote for Amy in the final round of SYTYCD!!
What else could a scrappy fangirl want? Nada, nothing... I am utterly and completely tickled by this!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Freebie of the Day June 1st

To say I'm busy right now would be a gross understatement! Wheee! But I always have time for FFOTD...

Kit: My Favorite
Designer: Faith True
What I loved: The WA is adorable, and of course I had to feature it. I'm also always a junkie for Faith's papers! This kit didn't disappoint at all on that front! Cute little feltie elements too!
What else could a scrappy fangirl want? Some of the reds in the pallettes were a bit off, they all managed to mesh well and look great together, but I had a few nervous moments when uploading! LOL This really is a fun kit if you want to scrap very homey family type things :)