Sunday, June 14, 2009


Okay- I'll admit it- I liked this kit SO much I was just looking for a chance to use it! Well unfortunately right now my Sweet Kat is teething- and it's not pretty- and by not pretty I mean nightmarish and disturbing. I hate seeing her in pain! But on top of that when she's crying she's also hitting and pinching and kicking! So 2 nights ago Tim called Kat our Little Monster baby- and an idea was born. Yes I took a picture of my kid crying, but to be fair, I was trying to take a regular picture, she just cries a LOT anymore, so you inevitably get crying shots. Instead of deleting it, I decided to use it. So that's my silver lining I guess! Poor little baby!

Aaaaanyway- here's RAWR from Amy Sumrall the Great and Terrible :)
Okay not so terrible- she's actually all kinds of sweet... but very great :)
This kit is SO fun and colorful, and it's suited really really well to boys, but there are other uses as well from what you can see here. I'm really betting it'd be a great layout to use for a kit where your kid (or you) are all dressed up in costume as well :) Anyway- get it, love it... yadda yadda :)
Rawr. More silly than scary, this fun kit is the result of a collaboration with my 15 year old nephew, Kevin! He is quite the doodler, isn’t he? Kevin doodled all of the little monsters and fish and I had a blast turning them into his very first digi design! Rawr includes 12 “wicked awesome” and vibrant crayon colored papers and loads of doodled and unique elements: frames, mat, ribbons, bow, buttons, doodles, tags, word art and handmade felties and more. A brush set is also included and an upper/lower alpha combination. Perfect for teen pages, kids pages, parties or just every day fun!


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