Friday, June 26, 2009

New Releases and Playing Catch Up

Hello my scrappy buddies!! I've been away on vacation for a week (getting LOTS of pictures to scrap woohoo!) and thought I'd pop back in and let ya'll know I'm still here! I missed all kinds of exciting things this week apparently!

First of all Faith True has 3 (count 'em 3!) new kits that she's releasing this week!

The Moral of the Story with mle Card:
A cute kit with a storybook theme. This kit is perfect for nursery pictures or even depicting storytime with your children. Based on a popular set of children's stories that have been passed down for generations. Only $6.99 over at Scrap Orchard
Country Bumpkin collab with Ziggle Designs:
Only $6.00 over at Scrap Orchard
and SS Paradise: This kit has been remade from it's original version which first appeared in Bella Scraps Magazine July 2008. Only $5.99 over at Scrap Orchard
And they're 20% off over at ScrapOrchard! So scurry on over there and get on it!

Also Amy Sumrall released this AWESOME crayon brushes kit... I've gotten to play with it quite a bit and have a few pages that are almost done that I promise to show you as soon as they're perfect. For you scrappy beginners- what are brushes? You'll hear this term a lot... mostly they're really stamps that you can use in Photoshop... you can also use some as actual paintbrushes as well. Never fear GIMP users! You can use Photoshop brushes in GIMP very very easily. Just extract them into your brushes folder and you're ready to roll! Now you don't have an excuse NOT to get these. :)

This is a fun set of 18 crayon brushes, including shapes, scribbles, borders and frames. Use this to add just the right touch to your pages! Brushes are just so much fun to play with! Stamp them, drag them, adjust the size, color, rotation, etc! The possibilities are endless with these brushes!
A png pack is also included!

Only $2.99 over at The DigiChick


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