Friday, July 17, 2009

Round 1 Layouts are up!

Our team posted the Round 1 Layouts today! The challenge was white space- and the team had to use the same color palette, and for a bonus you picked a theme. Our team used a rainbow palette (a bold move considering it was a white space challenge, and most teams are using blacks, whites, and neutrals), and took the extra move of actually setting up our layouts to MAKE a rainbow when strung together like this:

We made the pictures line up, and used a common background (grass) so that it seemed like our kids were all playing in the same pictures once you lined up the layouts. We all also used a poem and had 1 line on each page so when they were linked up it completed the poem. We managed to all post in order so it lined up perfectly in our gallery. Yours truly was the blue caboose- what do you think?

I really adored this LO and am quite proud of myself and my team. This is a popularity vote in the end, so I'm going to need everyone to go vote for us when voting opens! I'll be sure to post a link when it does- in the meantime, all the comments we can get totally matter! So please- go leave me some love if you like what I did at:
And if you've got the time, check out the other girls in my crew and leave them love too! You can tell we belong together because we're the brightest layouts in the gallery and we're all together!

Thanks again and go comment- leave some love- and come back and vote for Big Pimpin'!


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