Sunday, May 31, 2009

More scrapping for beginners...

While freebie surfing this morning I realized how lingo heavy most scrap sites tend to be, so I figured I'd write a little post about common abbreviations and terms and what they mean!

LO- Layout- this is the actual scrapped page

QP- Quick Page- this is literally a page entirely scrapped and ready for you to just insert your pictures in the spaces provided. A great way to get a beautifully scrapped book with relatively little effort! Lots of designers offer freebie QP's for their kit releases in stores.

TOU- Terms of Use- Verrrry important! If you ever plan to show your graphics off online, perhaps with signatures, blinkies, or pages on display- make sure you keep a copy of each TOU on hand so you know what you can and cannot use them for! This is a big faux pas in the digi world and can get you into big trouble if not used correctly!

S4H or S4O- Scrap for Hire or Scrap for Others- Usually found in the TOU and lets you know whether or not you can use those graphics to scrap for hire or scrap for other people, basically denoting a level of commercial use of some kind ie: Someone pays you to make a scrapbook for them.

Tagger Size- A small kit with smaller graphics, usually good for scrapping brag book pages, making signatures and blinkies, etc.

PSP- Photo Shop Pro

PSE- Photo Shop Elements

PPI- Pixels per Inch- most good kits have a 300 PPI which means they are very finely detailed and won't pixellate (get all square-y and grainy) on your LO's!

DS- Drop Shadow- the cool dark like on products that makes them look 3D

DL- Download

DSA- Digi Scrap Addicts

DST- Digi Shop Talk

CT- Creative Team- a team of folks a designer hires to make their kits look good- they get the kits from the designer and scrap them as creatively as possible to show folks what can be done with each kit and provide inspiration.

Element- those cool little pieces they use in the kit- buttons, ribbons, word art, etc.

WA- Word Art- Quotes or words that have been made to look decorative and creative.

Papers- These are just backgrounds basically :)

Alpha- it's not really a font, but they are individual elements actually that you can use to spell things out, spice up WA, etc.

RAK- Random Act of Kindness- lots of designers like to do these, they're sometimes contests where they'll give you a kit for free, others like to do it if you sport their fan blinkie in your signature lines!

Digi Scrappers- This is folks who Digitally Scrap- distingushes us from the Paper Scrappers

Hybrid- When someone takes a Digi Kit, prints pieces of it, and makes it into something cool like a card, gift box, or gift tag

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